Elizabeth Stockton Care Coordinator

Elizabeth Stockton is the Customer Care Coordinator for the Agents Who Care. Her primary job is to make sure that clients are well cared for and looked after, and has been doing so since 2021 as a part time assistant to Caroline. While her full-time job is being a mother to her two young kids, she works part-time with “the Agents” while her children are in school. Elizabeth and her husband are both Knoxville natives, and haven’t even considered leaving. “The relationships we have here and the access to the mountains are what keep us here.”

“I love my job because what we do is more than a transaction-- it’s a relationship. We want the best for you and your family, and that goes beyond your house. We recommend workers and companies; we remember the details, all because we want to know you.”

Favorite local activity: Hiking Ijams trails with the kids; camping in the mountains. 

Favorite local food: Emilia’s in Market Square, VG’s bakery