Caroline Badgett, CLRMS. Lead Agent

Caroline Badgett is the lead agent, team captain and originator of the Agents Who Care. Awarded “Wallace’s #1 Agent” and "Global Luxury’s #1 Agent" prior to creating her team, Caroline brings genuine care and professionalism to all her clients. In 2021 and 2022, Caroline was voted Farragut Press’ "#1 in People’s Choice’s: Real Estate category, as well as the #1 Team with Wallace Real Estate. Caroline has earned her place as one of the industry’s top picks for residential real estate agents with both buyers and sellers. Working as a luxury agent since 2016, she strives for excellence in all she does, bringing new meaning to "full service REALTOR." From reading the terms and conditions (and yet she still enjoys her job?!) to spending whole days taking clients on house tours, Caroline’s care is visible in every aspect of being your REALTOR®. Want to know more? Keep reading to hear her heart.

“Your tagline is the Agents Who Care. Why is care the aspect of your job that you wanted to emphasize?” 

“It was actually my husband that came up with the tagline, but it’s because I do genuinely care. When I first got into real estate, I thought, ‘what is something I want my clients to know?’ And I realized, I want my clients to know that I care. I want you to have a home-- yes, a house, but also an area to live in, communities to get connected with, and places to make memories at. I want the whole process to go smoothly for you, and it’s more than just telling you to make your house pretty and listing it on the Market  in hopes to peak interest. It includes professional photography, market analysis , listing it in your front yard and on a global scale, reading through the legal terms, being with you for the closing… we’re all hands on deck. Sometimes it requires fighting for you through negotiating, making sure your builder is reputable, looking out for the things that might cause potential harm in the long run, or saving you that extra $500. I’m invested in making your wants a reality. I’m here to be a resource for life, and it seriously is a joy for me”

“Why do you love Knoxville?”

“I was born and raised in the area. I grew up in Oak Ridge my entire childhood, attended college and lived in Chattanooga for eight years, and then moved to Knoxville in ‘93. As a homebuyer, I’ve moved three times into four houses, and I’ve stayed in the area for all the reasons people come here: the mountains, all four seasons, the people, easy access to big cities. My family lives here, which keeps me close, but it helps that it’s such a beautiful place to do life in.”

“What is your best piece of advice for selling a house?”

“It needs to look magnificent. From the moment it comes on the market, it needs to be staged and looking its best. Always have professional pictures done-- never let you or your realtor use a cell phone to publish pictures of your house. Also, take care of the ‘red flags:’ squeaky doors, fixing leaks, making sure all light bulbs are working and are the same color… there are always things to be done to get your house ready for market.” 

Favorite local food: Connors Steakhouse. “And Moonshine Cookies, if you have a sweet tooth.”

Favorite local activity: Biking on the local Greenways + being a part of the ever-growing pickleball community


“Without any hesitation, I would recommend Caroline Badgett - with the absolute highest recommendation that I can give. She's friendly and kind. Seriously, she does care! In addition, her knowledge of the field is excellent! One sign of professionalism is courteous, prompt, informative responses... and she always did that! (even when we bombarded her with questions). We would give her better than a 10/10 if it were possible!

“Caroline is the best in the field! She sold our home in 5 days for asking price and was absolutely delightful and meticulous throughout the process. However, it’s things she did outside of that you need to know. We relocated out-of-state after our inspection cleared, and Caroline took care of our house until closing. During that period, the fireplace wouldn’t turn on so she would go to the house, sit on the phone…”

 and troubleshoot with the technician until it worked. Later, a leak developed in our sink and her husband diagnosed the issue, ordered the part, and resolved the issue on his own. (No, he is not a professional handyman, but he knew what was wrong.) She also created a stunning picture album of our house with my daughter's baby pictures as a keepsake. I am just blown away by the experience we had.”